Helen Russell

Helen Russell is a bassist, vocalist, arranger, musical director and educator based in Brisbane, Australia. Her career has encompassed many styles of music performance while always having jazz at its core.

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A couple of big singing weekends coming up!

I have a couple of big weekends coming up! On Saturday July 29, me and my fabulous little a cappella group from USQ, the Harmony Wednesdays, are participating in the QMF You’re the Voice event with 2000 other singers at Suncorp Piazza. Big hardly describes it. THEN, I rush over to the Brisbane Jazz Club, where it’s my yearly showing as jazz vocalist (7:30-10). I’ll be joined by Paul Hudson and Jamie Clark and special guest Josh Hatcher will join us in the second set.
The next weekend, on Sunday morning August 6, I’ll be back at BJC with those clever little Harmony Wednesdays again, singing our jazz repertoire, followed by myself and Melissa Forbes doing a special set of music for double bass and vocal duet. This is part of the Brisbane Jazz Vocal festival – we’ll be followed by the wonderful Elly Hoyt. So if jazz singing is your thing, I’ll be involved in quite a lot of it in the next little while, so come along if you can!