Chris Pickering

Helen continued in an alt-country vein performing as sideman to Chris Pickering, a talented singer/composer in the genre. They toured the East coast numerous times and Helen appears on three of his releases.

One Glass:“Chris gets a bit bluegrass on this track with me on double bass and harmony vocals.” —HR

Chris Pickering is an exceptionally talented songwriter and musician from Australia, who writes remarkable songs with beautiful melodies, smart hooks and thoughtful lyrics. He fearlessly tackles all manner of styles and arrangements, blending pop, rock, alt-country, folk, blues and, at times, psychedelia into his music. Bridging the gap between indie-pop and alt-country, CP is slowly but surely building a reputation as one of Australia’s most intelligent and thoughtful artists to watch. More information.

Chris Pickering - A Safer Place (Cover)

A Safer Place (2006)

Chris Pickering - Ghost City (Cover)

Ghost City (2006)

Chris Pickering - Excuses Excuses (Cover)

Excuses Excuses (2008)