Tell Heaven

The 18 Wheels afterburn resulted in the 7-piece gospel band, Tell Heaven, which has performed at regular, if large, intervals over the past 14 years.

Tell Heaven: All-Star Gospel Revue

There are two great transcendental subjects you can sing about – Love and Death.

Soulfully sacred and passionately profane – Gospel demands something fundamental from the performer. From the Mountain down to Memphis and the Mississippi, Gospel music captures the triumph of the spirit and its rousing call to arms.

When this phenomenal group of diverse musicians come together to sing harmony they pay homage to the gospel greats – Mahalia Jackson and the Staples singers, The Louvin Brothers and Johnny Cash – the legendary and the less well known. Tell Heaven also brings together a new set of classics: spirited originals and covers by contemporary philosopher musicians like Gillian Welsh, Nick Cave and Tom Waits.

Tell Heaven is: Leah Cotterell & Pearly Black (vocals), John Rodgers (fiddle & vocals), Coojee Timms (guitar & vocals), Jamie Clark (lead guitar & vocals), Helen Russell (bass guitar & vocals), and Kym Ambrose (drums).